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Roulette chaos is like looking at a river of white water filled with unpredicted swirling eddies and wildly tossing waves. You suddenly notice a familiar swirl of water in one section of the river. Within five to ten seconds, you will know which direction the water will flow in that area of ​​the river Online casino malaysia.

Chaos is everywhere. It is possible to see that you got here because of a sequence of events that happened at the right moment. Everything is determined. The outcome of what you do next will be determined by your previous actions. Roulette isn’t random. It is chaotic! Past spins determine future spins. Therefore, patterns are possible. These patterns are easy to find. These are your opportunities to exploit them. There is orderly disorder. You will leave the Casino as a consistent winner.

FAST Roulette is based on the fact that predictable patterns can be found within chaos numbers that appear completely random. R. Lucassen demonstrated how long-enough combinations of chaotic numbers can generate complex, self-describing patterns that are everywhere in nature. Let me simplify and show you examples.

Although the odds of a single number appearing on European Roulette are 1 in 37, it is possible to watch 37 spins of European Roulette and see multiple numbers repeat themselves, or even not appear at all. In fact, 8 numbers will appear before any number has appeared more than once. It doesn’t matter when you begin tracking the numbers or whether it’s American or European. This bold statement is mine and you should try it at any casino online or offline before you read further.

Think about all the events that can occur at any given time. They weren’t something that just happened. Before that happened, many things had to occur. Before that event occurred, many things had to be done. Each small event triggers a chain reaction that produces several events which, in turn, create many other events. The wheel is turned at a specific speed. The roulette ball is dropped at a particular point. The ball stops at a particular number. This number is then the starting point of the next spin. The pattern continues. In the short-term, this series of events favors one number. It is up to us to identify that number and then exploit it. If the roulette wheel were truly random, it wouldn’t be possible to beat it with any other device that didn’t alter its outcome. It was.

Knowing that a number will appear 8 times more than any other numbers, and keeping track of the previous numbers that caused that event, will allow you to make better decisions about which numbers you should bet on. This will reduce your chance of getting that number to hit below 1/35. Roulette pays 35 times the amount you bet plus the original wager, which will provide you with a positive expected return and allow you to make consistent profits.

Why does one number appear 8 times when all others have appeared once? It takes time to wet all the pavement when it starts to rain. Although the drops seem to fall randomly, they are more likely to land in the same place than on dry ground. It takes longer than you might think to wet the entire ground. Chaos Theory at work. Similar results can be obtained when Chaos Theory is applied to Roulette. A lot of times, the same number will appear 8 times (rain hitting the exact spot), before the numbers are all out once (whole ground getting soaked). Every spin will be influenced by a series of events.

You will notice a difference in the distribution of numbers after 125 spins on the Roulette wheel. The probability of a number appearing is 1/37. You would think that all numbers have equal chances of coming up so you would expect that the numbers would come up approximately equally after 125 spins. However, this is not the case. However, this does not mean that the roulette wheels will always favor one number. You will see that each day I won on a different number at the table if you look at the histograms. If you keep track of the numbers for long enough, all numbers will come out roughly equal after thousands of spins, whether they are computer-generated or real. This is why the FAST Roulette System makes this possible. Why not in the near-term? Because the impact of recent events on future events is greater,

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